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founded by

James, Peter and John Mullen


Pink was set up in 1984 by three Irish brothers � James, Peter and John Mullen. Their idea was to reinvent the traditional Jermyn Street shirt, taking it to a wider, aspirational audience. The brand name Thomas Pink came from an 18th century London tailor known for making sought-after red hunting jackets. If you were lucky enough to own one, you were said to be �in the pink�.

The first store opened in Chelsea, London, offering classic-cut shirts in stylish, bold weaves and colours. Further stores soon followed in the West End and City of London, their distinctive interiors, pink-and-black packaging, and much-admired shirts quickly attracting a loyal clientele.

In 1989, it finally acquired a store on Jermyn Street, a street notable for its resident shirtmakers.

The full range of shirts has grown considerably and now takes in classic and contemporary styles and over 250 ready-to-wear designs for men and women. Their made to order service, Personally Pink, enables customers to have a shirt designed to suit their specific requirements.

Thomas Pink�s main competitors include Ted Baker and Paul Smith, who both offer collections of men�s and women�s clothing and accessories. From a retail perspective Thomas Pink faces competition from the likes of Charles Tyrwhitt and T. M. Lewin, fellow Jermyn Street shops, and also faces stiff competition from the likes of KJ Beckett and other online retailers.

To reduce costs, Thomas Pink's production was moved from Northern Ireland (The Shirtmaker�s Guild) to a factory in Morocco.

Since 2001Thomas Pink is part of the luxury goods group LVMH, the range has expanded along with their reach. As well as shirts for men and women, Pink carries a wealth of luxurious silk ties, accessories and small leather goods. They have cufflinks, cummerbunds, braces, socks, scarves, boxer shorts, nightwear, and much more. They even offer pin-striped Wellington boots wiith a pink stripe, of course.

Pink shirts have a loyal following in the US, with over a dozen stores everywhere from Dallas to Detroit, San Francisco to New York. In Europe, they have stores in Paris and Dublin. In Asia their shirts are sell in Bangkok, Thailand, and Shanghai, China. And of course, Thomas Pink shirts, ties and accessories are available online.

The Look

There�s an exquisite Pink shirt for every occasion and every mood. Men�s shirts come in formal, slim fit and casual styles. Women�s shirts come in an elegant classic cut or a more tailored, darted style. You�ll find Pink shirts in twills, royal oxford, poplin and luxurious 170s and Sea Island Cottons. In plains, stripes, checks and prints. In a vibrant rainbow of different colours. Shimmering ties and elegant accessories complete the sartorial picture.

Who Wears It

Sarah Jessica Parker

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