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founded by

Carla Braccialini

belongs to

Mariella Burani Fashion Group


The Temi range of handbags was conceived by creativity of Carla Braccialini in 2002.

Since the beginning, this changing selection of handbags ahs proved to be a Bracialini success, a main tool for the brand awareness and image achievement.

For over 50 years Braccialini cultivates a passion for high quality of hand workmanship and processing of materials to create products craftsmen whose value they are recognized around the world.

Their craftsmen dedicate a constant in all stages of manufacture of products, using unique materials and technologies.

The exclusive use of fine leathers, combined with the rich selection of applications and embroidery makes each every Temi a tiny Italian leathergoods masterpiece.

The Look

Each Temi Handbag has a typical �molded form� is entirely hand made according to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship. Each Temi bag is made of a number of basic components form 50 to 100 (not including the metal accessories).

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