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Tara Jarmon was founded more than 20 years ago by Tara and her businessman husband David.

The brand represents joy, purity, freshness and spontaneity and is characterized by smart yet comfortable pieces. The company is headquartered by the edge of the canal Saint-Martin, in Paris. The building is reflective of the brand�s attractive and easy style. The courtyard has a large glass roof and is filled with elegant carpets and soft armchairs. The show room is on the second floor of the building and is a bright and luminous area comprising of more than 300 square metres. The success of the brand is based around its designer�s close analysis of the feminine form and the purity it represents. Tara Jarmon dresses are reminiscent of 1950s glamour whilst the coats and jackets have a contemporary edge. It is this union of vintage elegance with modern sophistication that makes the brand so popular with the women of Paris.

The Look

The company�s collections are colourful and sexy in a classy and subtle way. Pieces are typically embellished with embroidery, bow detail and floral detail. Classic cuts are complemented by sweet and silky materials such as muslin, cotton, satin and velvet. The brand�s lines are targeted towards self-confident women who love pure, feminine simplicity. Tara Jarmon is very much so both a Parisian and universal brand.

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