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Sylvie Markovina is a jewelery brand launched solo first time in 2010 after 3 year its owner designed jewels collections for Kirrily Johnston.

This Austrailia-based company builts its successful way by unique designs that are inspired from sophisticated desert landscape, bronze figures, magazine clippings, 1920’s fashion, indsutrial raw materials… The special combination results in sharp designs, yet still full of free spirits and creatiity.Sylvie Markovina’s geometric style forms a bridge that connects sculptures and fashion, which is the factor that bring the name of this brand on to Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Instyle. The company offers international shipping from Australia, and are all made-to-orders at affordable price.

Who Wears It

Mirrander Kerr, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hawkins, Tony Collette, Elly Jackson..are a few that wear Sylvie Markovina

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