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founded by

Strehle family

belongs to

Gerd & Gabriele Strehle


Strenesse AG, based in the South German town of N�rdlingen, has established Strenesse as an international designer brand. The brand�s success is founded on the authentic hallmark of its designer Gabriele Strehle, who embodies style and individuality, innovative design and consistent product strategy. Under the management of Gerd Strehle, Strenesse AG is an independent family-run company already in the second generation.

The company has been named Strenesse AG since January 2000. By converting to an Aktiengesellschaft (roughly equivalent to a joint-stock company), Strenesse created the necessary preconditions for intensive international expansion and continued growth. The Strehle family are majority shareholders. The company comprises the sales subsidiaries in Milan, Italy � Strenesse Group Italia S.p.A (founded 1995) and Strenesse S.p.A. (founded 2000) � plus a sales subsidiary in New York, USA � Strenesse USA Inc. (founded 2000). In Japan, Strenesse AG operates with Tokyo-based sales partner Onward Kashiyama Co. Ltd.


The company Wohlfahrt & Co was founded by the Strehle family in N�rdlingen in 1949. Its operations involved making woven fabrics up into shorts, traditional jackets and coats. Women's coats

and suits were added. Operations were gradually focused on womenswear.

By 1953 Wohlfahrt & Co had around 120 industrial staffs.

In 1955 the company branched in Bavaria, Baden-W�rttemberg and Hesse.

In 1958 the company was renamed Bekleidungswerk Strehle KG, N�rdlingen/Bavaria.

The collection was expanded to include dresses in addition to the previous focuses on coats and suits in 1959.

New production facilities were built in 1965; the company relocated to Eichendorffplatz � still its headquarters today.

In 1969 the new product line �Strenesse� was introduced.

Gerd Strehle joined the company as a partner in 1972. Three years later his wife Gabriele Strehle took over as Head of Creative Design. Gabriele Strehle had developed the characteristic Strenesse style.

In 1995 the first fashion show was held in Milan.

The first own-brand stores opened in D�sseldorf and Milan.

In 1996 the shoe and bag lines were launched, initially under license.

In 1998 the Strenesse underwent international expansion and segmentation into product worlds � Strenesse developed into a designer brand. The same year the company�s designer line was personalized and renamed into �Strenesse Gabriele Strehle�.

A flahship store was opened in Munich in 2001, featuring a new store concept by star architect Christian Liaigre. Also the first fragrance Gabriele Strehle was launched.

Menswear line Strenesse Gabriele Strehle was launched in 2002 . The first menswear collection was presented in Milan.

The first Strenesse Gabriele Strehle runway show in New York was held in 2005. Furthermore the Strenesse Gabriele Strehle licensed eyewear collection, featuring sunglasses and prescription eyewear, was launched.

In 2007 Viktoria Strehle joined the management team as Head of Accessories

and Head of Own Retail, shortly afterwards taking on the additional position of Creative

Director Strenesse Blue.

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