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s.Oliver is a family-owned German fashion company located in Rottendorf, Bavaria.

The company was founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier as a small boutique in Würzburg with only 25 square metres of floor space, named Sir Oliver after the hero of Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. In 1978 the company was renamed to s.Oliver.

In 1998, the first retail store outside Germany was opened in Austria. Shops in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg soon followed. Over the next few years, s.Oliver carried on expanding in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland. s.Oliver developed in this way into one of Germany's - and Europe's - leading fashion companies within a few decades, offering a range of fashion and lifestyle products for all ages.

The company currently owns a total of 173 retail stores, as well as running 400 stores in cooperation with partner companies; its products are also sold in 1,991 shops and feature on 2,507 sales floors. Today, s.Oliver is to be found in more than 30 countries.

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