Solar Company is the owner of the Solar brand, one of the most recognisable fashion brands in the Polish market, targeted at women, and the leader of high-quality knitted fabrics, original patterns and high-quality trims. Original women’s clothing collections and clothing accessories are sold under the Solar brand (purses, belts, beanies, hats, scarves, shawls, gloves, sunglasses, umbrellas and jewellery).

The Solar Group is continuously developing its sales network, both in Poland and abroad. It currently includes 233 branches (the Group’s sales network in Poland includes 186 commercial outlets, of which 78 are the Group’s own stores (including 11 outlet stores), 12 franchise stores and 96 partner stores). For several years, the Group has also been present in foreign markets through a network of partner and franchise stores, which currently includes 46 stores (38 partner stores and 8 franchise stores) located, among others, in Germany, the UK, Russia, Iran, Ukraine, Slovakia and Belarus.

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