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Siviglia was founded in 2006 by, One Way srl, a company that had a 20-year-long activity as a clothing manufacturing firm. This solid industrial background has immediately permitted to gather into the brand excellent tailoring quality and know-how as for the product creation, giving the brand itself a real connotation as a high-quality product made in Italy.

Siviglia is a particularly dynamic brand; soon after its launch into the marketplace a rapid marketing development has occurred. In Italy the trousers made by Siviglia have quickly become a well-known and successful ‘must have’ piece of clothing. The outstanding success obtained by the core product – the trousers – has made the starting of a rapid product diversification strategy possible; this has led to the launch of three different collections: Siviglia, Siviglia Denim and White Siviglia aiming at satisfying all the needs and requirements of the reference target.

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