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SiSi is the historic and glamorous brand, expression of quality and style in feminine hosiery and intimate.

In spite of its tradition, SiSi has constantly evolved its image, aiming at innovation, both in terms of fashion and functionality, constantly looking at consumers’ needs, now wider and more various than ever.

And just in this perspective of diversification, SiSi bets on a total look image, adding to its appreciated tights and socks collections, an intimate and lingerie line and two beachwear collections; fashion proposals, rich of models, carefully studied to conciliate the quality of materials and the originality of designs.

SiSi stands for a qualified retail of female clothing; its fashion collections are rich in proposals for sophisticated and determined women, the SiSi women!

The Look

A wide range consisting of classic as well as original fashion collections are proposed to live femininity with elegance or freely show one's own personality.
Getting always into step with last generation trends, SiSi only offers exclusive, refined fashion style articles for to-day's and tomorrow's women.

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