SEMICOUTURE was born from an idea of ERIKA CAVALLINI who decides to add a new concept to her collection by restarting from her roots – as the label name clearly implies – and more precisely by the brand’s debut in 2009. It’s no coincidence that designer chose to restart from the “Garment No.01”, the first dress drawn already seven years ago: the real beginning of Semicouture’s story. The name itself is captivating, stolen from the intermediate testing dummies, timidly far from the “real couture” but always observed with great respect. A name somehow already processual, which evokes unfinished garments, characterized by some poetic imperfections. It is from the haute-couture that she takes the attention to details, the construction, the fabrics’ quality and the craftsmanship, completely Made in Italy and strictly entrusted to those few artisan workshops that continue a tradition still worldwide envied. Each creation becomes unique and acquires all those values that, thanks to its manufacture quality, accessories and applications make it exclusive, timeless and trendy, focused on a contemporary, everyday woman with a strong personality and an international taste.

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