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Since the year of its foundation, 1935, Sealup has been synonymous with quality and a passion for luxury garments. Sealup, a name that evokes the image of the "Sea Wolf", is a historic brand in the memory of Italian fashion, like the logo that is its hallmark since 1935: the profile of a bosun wearing a sou'wester cap and smoking a pipe.

Clothing that is a pleasure to look at and touch, that becomes elegance as soon as you slip it on. Over the years, the transformation, the transition from one generation to the next, has had a fixed point of reference: "to create quality". A commandment that embodies Milanese concreteness and Italian taste. Because Sealup is 100% Italian, not only through its founders but also in its production, which has always remained here, in the hands of its Italian work force.

In the beginning there were only raincoats, then, starting in the 1950s, the product range was broadened. Those were the years of the success of prêt ą porter. Their garments traveled worldwide, until even First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, in a photo many years ago, appears sporting a Sealup waterproof.

In the late 50s and early 60s Sealup was one of the most important garment manufacturers in Italy. It was one of the founding partners of the trade association, the Associazione Italiana Industriali dell'Abbigliamento, and in 1959 it fostered an outstanding project: the creation of the Italian Fashion Manufacturers' Committee (Comitato Moda degli Industriali dell'abbigliamento).

The factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Down to 1985 Sealup was committed to the production of a total look and began producing for the great stylists. Since the '90s Sealup has refocused attention on rainwear, with part of its output going to international luxury brands.

Today the firm is run by Filippo Chiesa and his sister Cristina.

In addition to Sealup, it produces the Filippo Chiesa brand. Each year it produces 50,000 garments entirely in Italy and the historic rainwear brand is one of the testimonials to the quality of its Italian taste and styling.

The Look

The Sealup brand is designed for those who desire elegance in a timeless classic combined with appealing modern styling. The revisitation in a contemporary key of the classics and vintage garments contained in the firm's historical archives.

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