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Since 1985 Scotch & Soda has expanded operations extensively while, with creativity and individuality as the keys to success, this Amsterdam fashion brand maintains is very own way of doing business.

The light-flooded headquarters are based in the heart of Amsterdam – a renovated church houses the showroom and workshop. The mix of ancient ornaments and the stylish showroom is a perfect example of what this company stands for: fusion. It’s exactly this origin that grants Scotch & Soda a powerful position in the international fashion scene without any traditional marketing.

Within their unmistakable style that could be described as vintage, varsity or fusion, Scotch & Soda tends to include a modern way of living from what is seen around. Each year Scotch & Soda seeks out the latest trends worldwide - literally-, on the annual company outing around the world. This way Scotch & Soda is able to realize the fusion in their fashion. Variety is the spice of life. So it is all about colours, fabrics and details, both in men’s wear as well as the Scotch Shrunk kids collection and offering their clients something that fits in each individuals mode of creativity.

Scotch & Soda is developed into a well respected brand, has 100 employees and over 6000 shops in a high-end distribution network in 31 countries worldwide.

To illustrate what makes the brand unique and to offer the consumer the opportunity to experience the brand to the fullest, Scotch & Soda runs successful stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht , Breda, Brisbane, Paris and Antwerp and has recently opened in Brussels, Rome, Lier & Kortrijk. In 2011 more stores opening around the world will follow.

Its web store was launched just bfor3e summer of 2009 as an extension of the website and offline stores.

In January 2010 Scotch & Soda proudly introduced the first collection for Women, Maison Scotch. Followed by a collection for girl’s, Scotch R’Belle.

To Scotch & Soda, life is not a competition. It’s not about being the biggest or boldest. To them, knowing what to want and what to stand for, making choices as an individual and as a team is more important than growing business for business sake. After so many years, Scotch & Soda is still about what they do best: making the best clothes in the world.

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