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Sard appeared as a project at the dawn of the new millennium when Catalina Sard decided to use her extensive training and professional experience to create her own collections in 2003. To do this, she surrounded herself with a group of professionals from the worlds of business, art and image. Today, Sard collections have become a reality within the fashion world.

Sard, which distributes its collections via multi-brand retailers, exports 50% of its output abroad, with France and Italy its chief markets. Short-term plans include entry into Germany and Britain in 2008, and the USA, Russia and Japan in 2009. From 2010 onwards, the brand plans to reach other high-potential markets for high-end womenswear.

The brand is a regular at trade shows including Pret-â-porter and Tranoï Fashion Makers in Paris. Catalina Sard’s design for own brand has also been acknowledged by a number of awards, including the first Spain Prize at 8th Smirnoff National Fashion Awards and the MTV interview for Young European Designers of the Year.

The Look

Sard is an aesthetic concept fusing high-end contemporary pret-a-porter with couture details. Producing functional, comfortable and timeless clothing using high quality and versatile fabrics.
Sard comes from an elaborate and innovative design process in which the cut of the dress and its details must always surprise. Sard collections always remain true to its Intense Creative Process driven by its ability to adapt its patterns to a demanding design, its meticulous components, and the quality demanded in its making and finishing.
Sard’s exclusive creations are aimed at a modern woman who stands firm by her values. Attracted to elegance, she always likes to feel beautiful and feminine, with a vital and practical approach to following fashion and trend awareness. She values quality and exclusivity choosing discreet luxury over ostentation.

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