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Sarabanda dresses children in their everyday lives, with a collection of durable and comfortable clothes that are in tune with developments in the fashion world and place the emphasis on details.

For years the company has been run in accordance with the following strategic guidelines: research and development, choosing innovative, safe materials, providing a service to customers, acting responsibly, commitment to social causes and high quality products.

Sarabanda is a brand owned by Miniconf srl: a leading children's clothing company.

It was created in 2004 and replaced the Miniconf brand, which the company had used on the retail market until that time. Sarabanda is part of a new business strategy which was well received by the market right from the start thanks to the strengthening of the distribution network, the introduction of a franchising network and the creation of special new resources in the design area.

The brand offers a highly appealing total look collection with an excellent quality/image/price ratio and a superb standard of service.

The collections are based around specific creative themes and the ability to mix and match the clothes is always a high priority. This allows children to blend fabrics and colours to create their own personal styles.

The Sarabanda offerings are divided into three age ranges that span from 6 months to 16 years old. Also included in this is the Minibanda brand for newborn children (0-12 months old).

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