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Susanne Rützou

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Susanne Rützou


Founded in 2000, Rützou, crafts holistic clothing and shoe collections for women. The brand bears all the hallmarks of its creator’s personal style. The collections feature especially researched and refined materials, and a production quality that ensures garments maintain a tailored aspect. The lines are infused with a ‘poetic realism’ that makes Rützou collections unique in the fashion terrain. Rützou’s objective is to consolidate its position as an innovative fashion brand.

The company continues to expand, thanks to its strategic focus on remaining independent and steadily developing as a brand. Rützou collections are well thought out and crafted. They are for the cultured customer, for those accustomed to recognising high quality. Each season the collections are created as a result of the product development philosophy centred on Susanne Rützou’s ideas, quality enhancement and innovation. All key areas of the brand are managed in-house.

Rützou distributes four annual international collections and two shoe collections. The clothes are sold throughout Europe and in Japan and the USA. Today the company has reached a two digit million turnover.

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