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The Ronaldo Fraga label announced its’ arrival in 1996, with the creations that stepped onto the catwalk at Sao Paulo’s Phytoervas Fashion in the “I love chicken hearts” collection.

The label, with the unmistakable logo of his black-framed glasses, is sold in its’ own stores in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo, and has representation throughout Brazil. Autumn 2007 see the label travel further a field with representation in place in both Japan and the United Kingdom.

The Look

Sewn with poetic lines, printed with a smile and put together with good music, Ronaldo Fraga’s clothes reflect his time. Looking to the past as a reference whilst always moving forward. His collections owe their existence to the research of an inquisitive mind, to his desire to express vast emotions, pertinent reflections, and to escape from the obvious, not only conceptually, so to speak. Fraga does not simply abandon his chosen subjects and themes at season’s end. They take on a new lease of life, away from fashion’s spotlight, sometimes as social projects, sometimes in the form of a book, an example being “Fashion, Clothes and Time – Drummond selected and illustrated by Ronaldo Fraga”.

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