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Rodebjer is a Swedish fashion brand founded by designer Carin Rodebjer in 2000.

Carin Rodebjer launched Rodebjer since she felt there was a gap between what was shown on the catwalk and what was affordable and wearable for most people � it was either an unrealistic dream or a dull and commercial reality. She wanted to start a label in between � affordable and wearable but still with a strong concept and vision.

In 2007 Rodebjer opened its first flagship store in Stockholm. Rodebjer is today available in 14 countries such as, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK, USA, and is fast gaining a wider reputation as a strong brand both with retailers and in the press.

The Look

Rodebjer is recognized for its contemporary yet timeless style with an effortless elegance attracting a wide range of women. Rodebjer has become known particularly for its distinct and strong yet romantic silhouettes and outstanding dresses and coats.

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