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founded by

Amedeo Giannotti

belongs to

Giannotti Group


Traditional craftsmanship coexists with the most recent technology to place Roberto Giannotti’s Product/Design area on the cutting edge for jewellery design.

For years Roberto Giannotti has been a household name in the "Made in Italy" sector.

Indeed, all products are entirely manufactured in Italy and have long been synonymous with quality and authenticit.


Roberto Giannotti is one of the companies comprising the Giannotti Group, which has been operating in the goldsmith and jewellery markets for over three generations.

The Giannotti family starts its business in the 1950s when Amedeo Giannotti opens a small artisan workshop in the historical centre of Naples. From then on, the Giannotti family implements a series of strategic choices which gradually lead to what nowadays has become the Group.

Growth is constant from the outset, whether in the production and commercialisation of goldsmiths’ and precious creations, or in research and development activities aimed at satisfying all the trends and needs in its reference markets.

With its 4 companies and numerous diversified activities, the Giannotti Group represents one of the most active and prestigious companies in the Italian scenario.

Roberto Giannotti Srl is the Group’s Product/Design division specialised in the promotion and distribution of jewellery in the medium-to-high bracket. The company perfectly reflects the expertise, innovation and competence that form the backbone of the Giannotti Group. The experience accumulated by the family along the years has made the company aware of the importance of constantly implementing energies and resources to develop an efficient internal organisation that privileges timely and precise execution of all phases of activity.

Nowadays, the company is the epitome of efficient organisation, in the form of a company culture based on constant interaction between innovation and functionality.

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