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Ritratti is a history made of passion and commitment, product ethics and clear, sharp intuitions: a very Italian excellent authority in the lingerie and beachwear universe. Its origin dates back to 1980 when it started as a spin-out company of the Delmar Group, a landmark within the textile framework of the Como area since the end of the Twenties last century and already ambassador for the finest Italian textile culture. Since 1959, the revolutionary introduction of elastomer has opened new stages and markets and Delmar has been taking the opportunity of firmly establishing its forward-looking reputation for the production of the first beachwear sets and bathing suits of the new generation. The Eighties have later marked a step towards a more comfortable and fashion-oriented lingerie rather than the previous functional one, thus identifying a new way of interpreting and wearing lingerie as an unfailing and unquestionable instrument of both seduction and communication. The Ritratti brand has come to life and right from the start it has entered the women�s imagination thanks to both its well defined stylistic footprint and the absolute quality of its proposals: for the very first time inde3ed, the embroidery has been used on the stretch tulle. This has celebrated the beginning of outstanding co-operation relationships with the most important fashion houses: from Dior to Armani, from Krizia to Prada, up to Gucci.

The introduction of the �soft up� technology has opened the era of the universal success of oil-cup bras. Later followed by either the �skin cut� system, where elastic strips have been replaced by heat-welding technique, and, more recently, by the revolutionary �Start Cup� system, containing principles of a more comfortable and �free� cup.

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