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founded by

Annamarie von Firley and Autumn Carey Adamme

belongs to

Annamarie von Firley


ReVamp is the brain child of Annamarie von Firley and Autumn Carey Adamme. Created in 1998, the two teamed up to create reVamp, fusing an abiding interest in swing dance and the always superior styling of vintage fashion.

reVamp was created to enable those who have or are attempting to find a historical identity as an alternative to contemporary patterns of thought, dress, and behavior. reVamp produces authentic vintage inspired reproductions for both men and women, focusing on fashions designed between 1910-1950. Fabric and style combinations are limited to production runs of 25 garments enabling each piece to become a unique and collectible garment that will, like its forebearers, stand the test of time. All garments are produced in-house in Los Angeles to ensure our high standards of quality.

Parting ways after their first productive, yet exhausting year, Annamarie von Firley is the exclusive owner of reVamp. Autumn Carey-Adamme has returned her complete attention to the growth of her successful custom corset company, Dark Garden.

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