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In 2000 the company Flash&Partners introduced a new line: it's name is Ra-re: rag recycle-rag restyle.

RA-RE is the men-women’s collection that has been created to fill a gap, to satisfy those who are always seeking something new, those hunters of cool ready to defy the improbable so as to emerge from the crowd.

The Look

Whoever wears RA-RE knows that they are putting their image into the hands of a creative team, who only design a collection after a long and thorough analysis of what there actually is and what is about to come. It involves painstaking research that occasionally leads them to recovering past trends, but more often than not to drawing on the potential of the ever-evolving present that looks to the future. The resulting clothes are distinctive, but leave room for individuality to create an totally personal style.
Far be it for RA-RE to set limits on others, since it knows none itself, wanting to make all the colours and cultures of the world its own while maintaining its freshness, waywardness, essentiality and chic sophistication. Every one of us is unique, although some more than others and they wear RA-RE.

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