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Polo is a public company. The board of directors includes Terry Semel, CEO of Yahoo, and Joyce Brown, president of F.I.T.


In 1983 Ralph Lauren introduced his home collection. Ralph Lauren makes history as the first fashion designer to launch an entire home collection. The luxurious line includes bedding, towels, area rugs, wall coverings and tabletop and table coverings, which combine to create a timeless, and truly American, home.

In the following years, the Ralph Lauren home collection introduces expertly crafted furniture, lighting, carpeting, and in 1995, the Ralph Lauren paint collection.

The home collection combines all the elements the designer is known for: product innovation, color, exquisite, authentic detailing and an exciting lifestyle approach to home products.

For the first time in 2002, the world of Ralph Lauren Home goes online. With this new expansion, the visitor finds complete descriptions of the home collections and products including furniture, lighting, paint, fabrics, wallcoverings, bedding and more. Helpful design and decorating tools include step-by-step paint technique instructions, the best places to shop in cities across the country and ideas and guidelines for the home from Ralph Lauren.

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