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Polo is a public company. The board of directors includes Terry Semel, CEO of Yahoo, and Joyce Brown, president of F.I.T.


Similar in price point to Purple Label, Black Label for men tends to have a more modern, Italian cut to its suits, sportcoats (made by Corneliani), dress shirts, and sportswear, with higher armholes and a slimmer silhouette. Black Label is also only available in flagship Ralph Lauren stores and selected high-end department stores.

The Look

Minimalist architectural details and deep blues are splashed with accents of bright color to create a sharp, modern look.
Streamlined suiting, precision sportswear and rugged outerwear designed with a chic, tailored edge for the modern man.

Who Wears It

Gwyneth Paltrow,


1978 Lauren (W)
1978 Polo (M)
1978 Tuxedo (W)
1979 Chaps (for men)
1980 Chaps Musk (M)
1985 Monogram (M)
1990 Safari(W)
1991 Polo Crest(M)
1992 Lauren Moist Perfume Mist
1992 Safari for men
1994 Polo Sport
1995 Polo Sport Extreme
1996 Polo Sport Women
1998 Romance (W)
1999 Romance for men
2000 Ralph (W)
2001 Glamourous(W)
2002 Glamourous(M)
2002 Polo Blue (M)
2003 Glamourous Daylight (W)
2003 Ralph Lauren Blue (W)
2003 Ralph Lauren Silver (M)
2003 Romance Tender Notes (M)
2003 Romance Sparkling Mist (W))
2003 Purple Label (M)
2004 Ralph Cool (W)
2004 Lauren Style (W)
2004 Polo Black (M)
2004 Pure Turquoise (W)
2005 Polo Blue (W)
2005 Pure Turqouise (W)
2005 Romance Silver (M)
2006 Polo Double Black (M)
2006 Ralph Hot (W)
2006 Ralph Rocks (W)
2007 Ralph Wild (W)
2007 Polo Explorer (M)
2008 Notorious (W)
2008 Romance Be Mine (W)
2008 Romance eau Fraiche (W)

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