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Qasimi is a London-based fashion brand with a Middle Eastern heritage founded in 2015 by Khalid al-Qasimi.

The Look

The brand focuses on crafting understated and refined garments from a perspective that reflects its multicultural origins.

The brand's narrative centres around the idea of an urban nomad who's endeavours takes one on various journeys across the Arab world - a culture dialogue and exchange, seeking to unite rather than divide through the powerful medium of clothes.

Architecture informs the approach to design - thinking of the body as a landscape, and garments as the structures that clothe it. It also underpins the philosophy behind the label: that clothes are to be lived in.

Qasimi's colours are inherently influenced by the Middle Eastern hues of where desert meets sea. Subdued and exotic, they can be interpreted as uplifting and breezy with an earthy weight to them.

The military influence stems from the designer’s memories of growing up during the Gulf War where although removed from any direct conflict, the repercussions of warfare were never far from home.

Finally, messaging has been at the core of Qasimi since its inception as a means for the designer to express his views, allowing him to weave politics and poetry into his collections; deftly and delicately exploring subjects ranging from the strained relationship between the Middle East and the West, to his own life experiences.

Qasimi was built upon four pillars: architecture, colour, military and messaging.

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