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Project Alabama started in the year of 2000 when founder Natalie Chanin hand-sewed a t-shirt for herself. The concept of Project Alabama was to make community-based fashion by-hand, focusing on recycled and sustainable materials, using traditional techniques with an American flavor.

The Project Alabama shut down in September of 2006 when founder Natalie Chanin left the company because all production operations endedin the state of Alabama.

Project Alabama still exists, but it is now produced in India. It was re-launched for fall 2007 one year after it closed, under the design direction of Shannon Schmalfeldt, who has been with the company since its inception and worked alongside founding designer Natalie Chanin, who is no longer involved with Project Alabama. Enrico Marone Cinzanno, co-founder of the firm with Chanin, is still with the company as an investor, along with a new backer, C.G. USA, a New York-based investment firm that backs several fashion-related businesses.

Project Alabama has now expanded to a wider range of clothing including skirts, cardigans, and jackets, in addition to the signature tops.

Although the merchandise selection has grown, the construction of the garments remains almost the same. Each piece is made from fabric that is collected from thrift stores around the country, sanitized and then re-dyed.

Project Alabama is now carried by leading fashion retailers like Jeffrey's, Barney's New York and Bergdorf's.

The Look

Project Alabama mission is creating a genuine lifestyle-led product that embodies artistry, uncompromised quality and attention to detail. Project Alabama presents a fresh and focused approach to craftsmanship combining contemporary sensibilities with time honored techniques of embroidery, appliqué, beading and hand created embellishment.
The Project Alabama woman appreciates authenticity of design, wants to feel beautiful and be inspired by and connected to the world around her. She is confident and captivating with a keen sense of style. As a free thinking individual she instinctively recognizes the spirit that Project Alabama embodies, interwoven throughout their creations

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