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For 2018 Prada relaunches the classic Prada Linea Rossa as an evolved, reactive technical collection keyed to the ideology of the twenty-first century. Prada Linea Rossa underscores its foundations and origins in 1990s sportswear, drawing on the precision of the lines and refinement of aesthetic that defined the look of the era. Today, this ideology still has resonance.

Tied intrinsically to the fundamental identity of Prada, to its elevation of the industrial and functional to form a new breed of modern luxury, Prada Linea Rossa first launched in 1997. Its new incarnation debuted at the men’s and women’s Fall/Winter 2018 shows, entirely integrated into the Prada aesthetic lexicon. A focus on technical detailing and new manufacturing possibilities singles out Prada Linea Rossa as a distinct, defined offering within the Prada mainline. A new facet of the Prada universe.

Prada Linea Rossa fuses high fashion with high performance, design excellence with technical prowess. Each item is hyper-functional, devised with cutting-edge methodology. In this refresh of Prada Linea Rossa, twenty-first century industrial and scientific advances in textiles and manufacture inform design decisions, in a synthesis of form and function.

The Look

Fabrics - Miuccia Prada uses a lot of crunchy polyester, parachute nylon and other synthetic fabrics. Colours - she likes Battleship green, browns, white, cream, and black. Simple destructured shapes, knee length skirts, her skinny belts had become the currency of success in the mid 90's. Her clothes are not exactly fashionable. There is no defining accent, just a grouping of desirable useful things in exquisite fabrics. Her clothes, though often deceptively plain looking, have become widely influential. She gives traditional garments a modern handling, like trimming nylon parkas with mink and making trench coats and twin sets out of silk faille. It seems that the whole world craves Prada's ice-cool minimalism and deadpan eroticism.

Who Wears It

Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayak, Maggie Gyllenhall, Rachel Bilson, Angela Lindvall, Eva Longoria, Angie Harmon, Emmy Rossum, Martina Hingis,


1990 Prada (W)
2003 No1 Iris (U)
2003 No2 Oeilletis (U)
2003 No3 Cuir Amber (U)
2003 No4 Fleurs d'Oranger (U)
2004 Prada (W)
2006 Prada Amber Pour Homme
2006 Prada Tendre (W)
2007 No5 Narciso (U)
2007 No6 Tubereuse (U)
2007 No7 Violette (U)
2007 Infusion d'Iris (W)
2008 No8 Opopanax (U)
2008 No9 Benjoin (U)
2008 Infusion d`Homme
2008 No10 Myrrhe (U)

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