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Pleaser USA, Inc., incepted in 1993, started out as an importer and distributor of urban fashion footwear. Over the years, it has evolved into a specialty footwear powerhouse serving exclusively the needs of various alternative lifestyles.

As the ultimate go-to name in sexy shoes, Pleaser has become the standard all others are judged by. Attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, innovative designs, unmatched selection, and unbeatable prices have all contributed to Pleaser 's unparalleled success and reputation among sexy shoe aficionados and professional performers alike. Synonymous with sex appeal, Pleaser shoes have graced the covers and editorials of countless fashion magazines, and are featured in numerous Hollywood movies and television shows. Today, Pleaser is undoubtedly one of the most renowned sexy shoe brands worldwide!

Pleaser USA, Inc. has a customer base spawning almost 50 countries, an expansive 130,000 sp ft facility and five further distinctive footwear brands in addition to main Pleaser brand. Pleaser USA, Inc. has positioned itself as a premier global manufacturer and wholesaler of sexy and alternative footwear.

The Look

The style of Pleaser can be described as sensuous, sexy and wild. No other adjectives are more fitted to describe the essence of the PLEASER brand of footwear and its extensive range of products.

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