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founded by

Pierre Garroudi

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Pierre Garroudi


Pierre Garroudi started his own label in 1993.

In his boutique in Soho in New York, you can walk in, get yourself measured and pick up a designer dress 24 hours later.

The Look

People wear Pierre Garroudis clothes to make a statement and to communicate their inner feelings. He is exceptionally responsive to contemporary trends and its futuristic interpretation. He loves to disrupt the codes by which clothes made their appeal; by rethinking the glamorous signals sent out by their external appearance; by redefining their relationship with the male or female body; and finally, reinterpreting the respective contributions of beauty and ugliness, past and future, memory and modernity. Garroudi invests his silhouette with a sense of the future, that recognize no boundaries. His style is ageless and timeless.

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