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Pierre Cardin has been revolutionizing for more than half a century the world of fashion. Couturier, diplomat, leader of arts, leader of maxim's. Pierre Cardin was the first couturier to bring fashion into the street, revolutionize men's style, apply a brand licensing system in 1960, set up operations throughout the world (most notably in Japan, China and the USSR). The Pierre Cardin line encompasses apparel, accessories, furniture, art and environment.

In 1960 Cardin launched the first line of designer mens clothing by a couturier.

A leader with a vision for the future, Cardin changed and expanded the world of fashion with his creations over the years. At the height of his career, he had up to 200,000 people working for him, with 900 brand licenses for more than 1,000 products in 140 countries.

In early May 2004, Pierre Cardin put his company on the market, hoping to close a million dollar deal. He has an annual turnover of 24 million pounds and his company will sell at around 270 million pounds. He will retain strong ties with the company and says he will continue to design as long as he lives.

His trademark is one of the most instantly recognized. Pierre Cardin is ready for the 21st century. He has a Haute Couture and Design idea laboratory set up, from which every year about 20,000 sketches, samples, patterns, models or mock-ups are submitted to him. To these, he adds his own brilliant ideas for his collections each year. But he is not planning to retire.

The Look

He was known for his avant-garde style, to be a space age designer. He prefers geometric shapes and motifs, often ignoring the female form. He advanced into unisex fashions, sometimes experimental, not always practical. He introduced the “bubble dress” in 1954. Most of Cardin's early designs were day suits and coats with raglan sleeves, dresses that foreshadowed the sack line with their front-defined waistlines and Watteau backs. Some suits and dresses had tulip-shaped skirts and boxy waists, brushing jackets with rolled or scarf-tied collars. He also designed coats with draped hemlines, bubble skirts and unstructured chemises. Cardin had perfected immaculate, sleek tailoring and allowed his febrile admiration to catch fire. His clothes had the trappings of science-fiction and space travel. The world gasped at his space age 3-D shift, his astronaut men's look and his "white breasts" dress. He made dresses out of vinyl, hammered metal rings, broaches of carpenters nails, and diamonds. The clothes shrunk in size as the patterns grew. Knitted catsuits, tight leather trousers, close-fitting helmets and batwing jumpsuits were all in his collections.


1965 Pierre Cardin (W)
1965 Blue Marine pour Lui
1965 Singulier (W)
1972 Cardin pour elle
1972 Cardin pour monsieur
1972 Cardin men's cologne
1976 Cardin (W)
1981 Choc de Cardin (W)
1983 Paradoxe (W)
1985 Maxims de Paris
1986 Blue Marine de Cardin
1986 Man's Musk
1990 Rose by Cardin (W)
1990 Choc Eau Tonique (W)
1992 Enigme (W)
1995 Ophelie (W)
1995 Insatiable
1997 Centaure Ambre Cuir (M)
1997 Centaure Cuir Blanc (M)
1997 Centaure Cuir Casaque (M)
1997 Centaure Cuir Etalon (M)
1997 Centaure Cuir Fougure (M)
2000 Tristan (M)
2000 Tristan & Yseult (W)
2001 Bleu Marine pour Elle (W)
(launch dates unknown)
Pierre Cardin Sportif
Pierre Cardin Yseult
2004 Revelation (M)
2004 Revelation Energy (M)
2005 Emotion (W)
2006 Emotion for Men
2007 Pierre Cardin pour Femme
2007 Pierre Cardin pour Homme
2008 Pierre Cardin Pour Femme Winter Edition
2008 Pierre Cardin Pour Homme Winter Edition

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