Pièce d'Anarchive is a French fashion brand that specializes in creating timeless, elegant pieces for the modern woman. Founded in 2008 by designer and creative director Anne-Valérie Hash, the brand is known for its luxurious fabrics, intricate details, and unique silhouettes. Pièce d'Anarchive has become a favorite among fashionistas around the world for its sophisticated yet edgy designs. The brand's collections are inspired by art, architecture, and nature, and feature a range of clothing from dresses to coats to accessories. Pièce d'Anarchive also offers a selection of home decor items such as cushions and throws. With its commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Pièce d'Anarchive is sure to be a staple in any fashionista's wardrobe.

The Look

The name Piece d’Anarchive carries three core values:
– Archive refers to French creativity, the artisanal savoir-faire and the most demanding traditional techniques.
– Anarchy stands for the desire to juxtapose universes, mix codes and twist materials.
– Piece underlines the attachment to a certain kind of rarity.
The collections are concise and each design is numbered according to its creation time to progressively build the house’s archive.
Associating casual urban influences with precise crafting techniques, mixing mascu- line with feminine, laid-back with formal, Piece d’Anarchive offers a bold and chic silhouette amidst hints of carelessness.

Pièce d'Anarchive Fashion Shows

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