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Marisa Guerrizio and Roberto Monti

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Marisa Guerrizio and Roberto Monti


Named after a street in Milan, Piazza Sempione was founded by husband and wife Roberto Monti and Marisa Guerrizio in 1991. Piazza Sempione was the street where the couple opened their first shop.

Currently Roberto is the main administrator and Marisa is working as the creative director. Started at a small apartment in Milan, this fashion house currently has opened its showrooms in several places all across the world including in London, New York and Paris.

Every garment and accessory is entirely produced and distributed at the headquarters in Milan. The beauty of Italian aesthetics is not only the expertise in craftsmanship but also the technology that is utilized. The brand respects the rich tradition of quality produced garments but the company also chooses to take advantage of modern technologic innovation in textiles and the vertical integration of production, from fiber to finished product. All their clothes are a 100% made in Italy following ethical guidelines.

Aside from their headquarters in Milan, they now have showrooms in New York, Düsseldorf, Paris and Tokyo, a retail network and a strong presence in the most exclusive department and specialty stores around the world.

The Look

Piazza Sempione fashion clothes are the perfect combination of style and quality. The brand is synonymous to elegant luxury clothing. All the clothing and accessory items are highly influenced by the traditional Italian style though uniquely modern. Quality is never neglected here and each item is made with top quality fabric and thus gives extra comfort in a stylish way.

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