PhD(Tee)â„¢ the brand. Smart Designs, Smart T-Shirts and Streetwear for Smart People with style. Entrepreneurs behind the brand include, a PhD(Astrophysics), a Model and a Marketer. Each offer a synthesis of ideas that makes the brand unique. PhD inspired by experience working in astrophysics, astronomy and related disciplines and the Model brings model style with direct fashion industry experience.

PhD(Tee)â„¢ offers unique designs and collaborates with select designers. Our original print designs and artwork collections, reflect the need to express individuality. Therefore, we produce small runs and limited editions in a variety of prints.

PhD(Tee)â„¢ criteria is simple; personal touch, high quality cotton, unique designs in limited quantities, fashion t-shirt apparel that attracts the most discerning of shoppers. Modern fit, real comfort for your kind of lifestyle.

Passionate about design and detail, PhD(Tee)â„¢ is committed to giving customers a great experience. Stay in touch with PhD(Tee)â„¢, sign up today for the latest news, be first to know about the new arrivals and special editions.

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