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Pauric Sweeney

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Pauric Sweeney


Pauric Sweeney opened a retail outlet called Root in Brick Lane, East London, in 1998.

His first collection of clothes, called "Wish U Were Gothic" was launched at the Louvre in Paris (of all places) in September 2000.

He made his debut in London Fashion Week in September 2001 and never looked back.

Pauric Sweeney Bags, was launched in 2005. In the summer of that year the designer moved his atelier to Florence, Italy, to work closely with prestigious Italian tanneries and master craftsmen.

Pauric Sweeney is widely considered the best emerging designer in his field.

The designer has been courted by luxury fashion companies including Givenchy, Loewe, and Christian Lacroix. His handbags are available in the United States through LuxCouture.

Who Wears It

Miu Miu, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Courtney Love, Pink

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