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founded by

Serge Cajfinger

belongs to

Serge Cajfinger


Since creating the brand PAULE KA in 1987, Serge Cajfinger, founder, president and stylist, has lead the company from one success to another.

Since 1998, PAULE KA is also accessories. The PAULE KA wicker basket very quickly became a " classic " of the brand. It is already a must for the refined woman around the world.

Since its creation, this family firm has won an international reputation gaining success upon success.

Already firmly established in Paris, London, Brussels, Antwerp, Hong Kong and Tokyo, PAULE KA continues to develop internationaly as a controled expansion.

Since 2000, sales outlets have tripled and now include Harrod’s in London.

Recently, a new flagship store opened in the heart of Paris – 223, rue St Honoré.

The Look

PAULE KA is the desire for one thing and its opposite : chic, simple clothing which is nonetheless, rich in ideas.
Serge Cajfinger is creating a very elegant style for a bubbly woman with allure. Discreet luxury is of prime importance, the only outward sign is expressed in the choice of the finest fabrics.

Who Wears It

Selena Gomez, Frédérique Bel, Jana Pallaske, Duffy,

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