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founded by

Ralph Ostrove

belongs to

Clifford Grodd


Paul Stuart is an upscale men's & women's retailer known for its unique take on Anglo-American classics.

Since 1938 Paul Stuart has been the leading arbiter of taste, style and fashion for luxury menswear in the United States.

Founded by Ralph Ostrove and named after his son, the store has dressed world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, titans of business, and anyone who expects the highest quality clothing and superior service, for nearly 70 years.

Paul Stuart is often compared to Brooks Brothers and known for its ostensibly classic suits and colorful accessories.

All the clothing Paul Stuart stocks, both Men's and Women's, bears the unique Paul Stuart label. To create the exclusive and unique collection for its worldly, discerning and stylish patrons, Paul Stuart buyers and designers scour the globe searching for the best fabrications and the most innovative clothing designs and details. Since Paul Stuart clothing can only be found at a Paul Stuart store, of which there are only two in the United States, or online, a Paul Stuart customer stands apart from the crowd. He knows that he's not wearing the same suit as everyone else.

Paul Stuart, Inc. is headquartered in New York. Though a much larger store now than when it first opened, the Paul Stuart flagship, which currently encompasses 60,000 square feet, is located within the heart of New York's most fashionable shopping district at the landmark corner of Madison Avenue and 45th Street. In addition, Paul Stuart's "Townhouse" resides in one of Chicago's premier luxury shopping destinations on East Oak Street, as well as numerous locations throughout Asia.

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