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OVS industry is part of Gruppo Coin, Italy’s leading clothing retailer with a turnover of over Euros 1.8 billion. In markets where OVS industry has been present, it has given shopping a new meaning, based on a constant renewal of fashion clothing, quality and right pricing. It currently has a network of over 487 stores in Italy and abroad. The brand accounts for over 3.36 per cent market share in Italy.

OVS industry creates, selects and produces quality clothing, with responsibility and always at a fair price.

OVS industry is a younger and more dynamic company that uses a more basic language and which launches product lines designed by both internal and external stylists, and produced through exclusive collaborations with top designers such as Elio Fiorucci and more recently Renè Reynes e Jean Elbaz. OVS is also a provider of fast fashion, closely following the latest fashion trends so it can effectively cater to the requests of its customers - female customers in particular.

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