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Omsa, historic brand in the field of Italian hosiery, is focused on the values of quality of materials and elegance, with a special attention to the female needs of charm and fashion that allowed it to become an irreplaceable reference in women’s world.

Omsa is a brand with a double spirit, offering high quality classic and traditional products and a fashion collection appreciated by both women and little girls targets.

Today, Omsa is one for the most active European companies in the field.

In 1992, with its incorporation in Golden Lady Company, the most important Italian industrial group with completely private capital, Omsa has the opportunity of creating new group synergies and developing its growth plans.

Since its first historical campaign "Omsa, what legs!" the communication of the brand accompanied the evolution of the Italian woman: from the tradition to being up-to-date, marking its evolution steps with press and media campaigns, always inspired by refinement and elegance.

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