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Oleg Cassini


In 1933 Oleg Cassini worked briefly for his mother's dress salon, and then opened his own salon in Rome the same year.

By 1950, he was back on 7th Avenue in New York and during the 50's, his name was associated with glamorous ready-to-wear sheath dresses, knitted suits, jackets and cocktail dresses.

His house continues till today making elegant clothes for beautiful women. Cassini himself is in his 90's and lives a life of leasure in Connecticut.

The Look

He created the "Camelot" look that became synonymous with well-crafted style. He was known for such looks as the sheath and A-line dress, the turtleneck look for men, and the Nehru jacket.

Who Wears It

Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Gene Tierney


1978 Oleg Cassini for women
1979 Oleg Cassini for Men
1986 Oleg Cassini 2 (W)
1994 Cassini (W)
1994 Cassini (M)
1999 Black Tie (W)

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