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Noir is a Danish luxury fashion brand that is led by a team of 10 dedicated women working from Noir’s office in Copenhagen. The company was founded by designer Peter Ingwersen and is directed by CEO Sysser Philipson. Noir’s collections are created by the talented Tilde Bjerregaard who has infused the collections with sharp craftsmanship and a love for details.

The brand was founded in 2005 and is owened by the holding company Noir Illuminati II Holding.

Every Noir collection is created with three key words in mind: femininity, quality and distinctive design. In a time where the true value of quality is easily forgotten, Noir brings it back and presents timeless items for every woman’s wardrobe. The Noir brand presents graceful sophistication with a contemporary edge in collections with clean lines, slender silhouettes and a unique sense of quality and timeless design.

The Look

Noir’s design philosophy has its fulcrum in contrasts where shiny fabrics are set against matt textiles and stringent lines are combined with voluminous shapes. Inspiration is drawn from the dark side, literature such as Edgar Allan Poe and the Victorian era, mixed with sadomasochistic elements.

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