Krogenbergvej 15A
DK-3490 Kvistgaard
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founded by

Harald & Lars Holstein

belongs to

Axcel; Harald & Lars Holstein


Noa Noa is situated in picturesque Northern Zealand in a beautiful old farm building originating from the 19th century. From this site the team at Noa Noa design, develop, market and sell the womenswear brand Noa Noa and the girl’s brand Noa Noa miniature.

Noa Noa was founded by Harold Holstein in 1981 out of his frustration over the uniform fashion of the 1980s. His brother, Lars, soon joined the company and together they developed Noa Noa to be what it is today, one of Denmark’s leading fashion brands.

In 2007, they sold 70% of their company to the Danish equity fund, Axcel. Both Lars and Harald are still active in the daily operations.

Noa Noa presently employs over 210 employees at its head office and over 500 in Scandinavia. Its fashion products are sold in over 18 European countries and in Canada.

Noa Noa has an annual turnover of over 500 million Danish crowns.

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