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Nino Cerruti


In June 2001 they brought in Roberto Menichetti as Creative Director in September 2001, but he only stayed 6 months and resigned in March 2002.

The designer appointed in August 2002, was Yugoslavian Istvan Francer, who spent 14 years from 1987 to 2001 with Donna Karan. Istvan Francer presented his first Cerruti ready-to-wear collection Spring/Summer 2003 collection in Milan Fashion Week in September 2002 which was very well received. Francer's own label has been temporarily suspended and he put his heart and soul into the Cerruti show during Milan Fashion Week in March 2003.

Cerruti moved it's show to Milan after 20 years of showing in Paris.

In April 2003, Istvan Francer left the house of Cerruti and a new designer was appointed. He is Los Angeles-based David Cardona (born 1964) who surprisingly before spending 5 years with Richard Tyler, was an aeronautical engineer. During Milan Fashion Week in October 2003, David Cardona showed his first Cerruti collection, for next Spring.

The Look

Cerruti clothes are classically tailored, elegant and made of high quality fabrics. In the field of menswear, he is an acknowledged leader in suits. His women�s wear often adapts the men�s styles to give a casual elegant look for women.

Who Wears It

Leonardo DiCaprio, Chow Yun-Fat, Anthony Hopkins,


1978 Nino Cerruti (M)
1979 Fair Play (M)
1987 Nino Cerruti (W)
1987 Femme de Cerruti
1990 Cerruti 1881 (M)
1995 Cerruti 1881 (W)
1998 Image (W)
2000 Image (M)
2001 Mambo for woman
2001 Mambo for man
2002 Cerruti 1881 Amber(M)
2003 Cerruti 1881 Eau d'Ete(W)
2004 Cerruti Si (M)

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