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Neto french laundry


Established in 1969 at the heart of historic Gastown in Vancouver, Neto initially started as a leather only company by Neil Tissington, a young active Civil Engineer at the time, who understood and captured the significance of fashion as a viable business.

Deborah Tissington, a criminal lawyer became co-owner in 1982 and her view towards fashion industry coinciding with this partnership was the perfect merge that took the company to a new blossoming era.

French laundry came into existence in 1996 by our customers’ feedback that indicated their satisfaction of the product; however, leather was too hot for some regions in summer time.

French Laundry is geared towards intelligent, active, and fashion savvy woman, the kind that likes to be noticed for her intelligence and her good taste in fashion simultaneously!

French laundry always uses fabrics that contain spandex for maximum performance and comfortable accurate fit.

French Laundry consists of separates that can be coordinated together or just worn by themselves from a working day to an after party or a bright sunny weekend!

A French Laundry woman feels sexy, confident and ageless.

Research is done across North America and Europe to gather information on the latest trends on leather and fabrics. Neto/French Laundry uses some of the latest materials and skins out of Italy, France, Japan and Korea as well as China.

Neto/French Laundry is made in Canada, where design facility is located, to ensure quality, workmanship and on time delivery.

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