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Footwear, accessories and clothing Made in Italy are the secret to the success of the BAG SpA company, owner of the NeroGiardini brand. Based in Monte San Pietrangeli (AP) in the Marche region, in the heart of the Fermano-Maceratese shoemaking district, the company is led by sole director Enrico Bracalente.

Founded in 1975 as a small third party manufacturing unit by a group of partners, the company (then called Batam) operated until the late 1980s, with varying success. In 1990 the company was entirely reorganised, with the strategic objective of concentrating all its resources in the development of its brand, NeroGiardini. The turning point came in 1998, when Enrico Bracalente bought up all Batam shares and became sole director of BAG S.r.l., which then became a an SpA * (limited company or corporation).

Bracalente’s powerful entrepreneurial drive and knowledge of the market led him to develop a sophisticated, efficient business model , influenced more by the retail and car industries than the footwear and fashion world.

In the space of a few years the brand experienced record growth, becoming a leader in the crowded footwear and accessories sector, driven by a far-sighted commercial strategy based on products with Made in Italy quality. However, this outstanding quality was not associated with a “niche” product, but was focused on large-scale production at competitive prices.

In the years following 1998, NeroGiardini’s achievements were reflected by constant, double-figure exponential growth.

In 2005, for example, turnover was 65 million euro, while in 2008 this figure reached 185 million euro. This business growth was accompanied by the development of the corporate organisation, as NeroGiardini’s production and related business soared to ever higher levels.

The spring/summer 2009 collection launched the first NeroGiardini men’s and women’s clothing line with a casual, metropolitan appeal. Designed with the aim of creating a total NeroGiardini look, the collection comprises basic garments ideal for everyday wear, made with quality fabrics produced in Italy with intense attention to detail and trim.


With its intense focus on the Made in Italy concept, NeroGiardini sees Italy as its primary market. It’s the leading medium-sized business in the country, with a widespread presence there.

The company has also pioneered a modern system based on a country-wide series of NeroGiardini showrooms , supporting the sales network and providing a setting for meetings with clients.

Nowadays there are NeroGiardini showrooms in major cities like Milan, Bologna, Florence, Turin, Genoa, Padua, Treviso, Prato and S.Benedetto Del Tronto.

Brand distribution is based on a mixed formula of the company’s own shops, franchised stores and multibrand outlets.

Since 2003 the company has opened 9 single brand company-owned sales points – in Milan, on Corso Venezia in the fashion district and Corso di Porta Ticinese, in the Ponte Vecchio area of Florence and the via del Corso, on via Frattina in Rome, Castello Salizada S. Lio in Venice, via Milano in Riccione and in Marcon and Trieste.

The franchising project was launched in 2007, and so far 35 NeroGiardini sales points have been opened. The locations include Treviso, Monza, Mestre, Torino, Viterbo Civitanova Marche, Matera, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Aversa, following the opening of the first outlets in Ragusa, Sassari, Messina and Cagliari. The projected target is a figure of 300 NeroGiardini single-brand franchised stores by 2015.

In Italy there are 2,500 sales points in the multibrand store sector , forming a distribution base for NeroGiardini products in Italy. In recent years over 500 of these have created single brand corners inside their retail spaces for displaying NeroGiardini shoes and accessories.

Another 100 are to be opened soon, with the aim of encouraging brand expansion and brand image.

The Look

Nero Giardini line features a classic-casual style reflecting a keen awareness of fashion trends.

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