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Nada Shepherd

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Nada Shepherd


NADA is a women’s wear label created to offer fashion-forward choices to stylish professionals and fashion-conscious women everywhere. Many celebrities have come to love the combination of sensual fabrics, flattering silhouettes and exquisite detailing that the NADA brand represents.

Designed by Nada Shepherd, who designs garments that speak to all of the various moments of a woman’s life, each piece is designed with the intention to capture a mood and a feeling so women can freely express who they are.

The Look

The NADA woman is confident, competent and makes an effort – with her own style, her career, her community, her family, her life. Each garment is designed to fit real life, and give women the opportunity to look assertive, strong and sexy in everything they do. The carefully crafted pieces are each made with a little bit of interest to give a wardrobe a unique and personal touch.

Who Wears It

Nelly Furtado, Gale King, Mel C, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Molly Johnson and Jully Black

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