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Mugler's first perfume appeared in 1992 and was called Angel. "Angel" contains a combination of praline and chocolate mixed with a strong accord of patchouli. It would be a part of a new fragrance type called gourmand. The Angel bottle, a design in the shape of a faceted star, was created by the Brosse Master Glassmakers. Fans of the fragrance include Diana Ross, Barbara Walters, Eva Mendes, and Hillary Clinton.

In 1996 Mugler followed up Angel with a male version named Angel Men or A*Men. This fragrance includes notes of caramel, coffee, vanilla, patchouli, and honey.

In 2005, Alien was created, the second major Thierry Mugler fragrance. Also in 2005, Thierry Mugler launched the Thierry Mugler Perfume Workshops", which are open to the general public and led by specialists of the perfumery and oenology world.

Angel and Alien together produce about $280 million in sales annually.

In 2010, the fragrance Womanity was released by the house of Mugler.

Mugler's newest fragrance, Angel Muse, was released in 2015.

In 2006, Thierry Mugler completed a project for the launch of Tom Tykwer's film "Perfume". In collaboration with the IFF company, Thierry Mugler created a box set of fifteen compositions.

During 2007, still following the metamorphosis theme, Mugler launched Mirror, Mirror, a collection of five fragrances, created as "perfume-trickery" to "enhance one’s presence".


1992 Angel(W)
1993 A* Men
1997 Angel Celestial Sparkle (W)
1998 Angel Innocent (W)
1998 Angel Innocent (M)
2001 Thierry Mugler Cologne (U)
2002 Angel Fatal Star (W)
2004 B* Men (M)
2005 Alien (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Le Lys (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Pivoine Angel (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Violette Angel (W)
2006 A*Men Summer Flash
2006 Angel Stars (W)
2006 Angel Garden Of Stars - La Rose Angel (W)
2006 Cologne Summer Flash (U)
2006 Innocent Secret (W)
2006 Innocent Summer Flash (W)
2006 Le Parfum (W)
2007 Angel Caprice de Star (W)
2007 Angel Forever (W)
2007 Angel Stars in the Sky (W)
2007 Angel Innocent Illusion (W)
2007 Angel La Part des Anges (W)
2007 Eau de Star (W)
2007 Ice*Men
2008 Innocent Rock (W)
2008 A*Men Pure Coffee
2008 Alien Eau Luminescente (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir des Envies (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - A Travers Le Miroir (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Dis Moi, Miroir (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir des Secrets (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir Des Vanites (M)

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