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founded by

Roger Deslauriers


Mondor develops high performance tights and competition apparel, which meet the specific needs of athletes specializing in dance, figure skating and gymnastics. Mondor also provides comfortable, fashionable tights designed for by active women.

Mondor is comprised of an authentic, passionate team of people who, day after day, pursue the quest for excellence by developing exceptional quality products.


After working for 21 years as a taxi driver, Roger Deslauriers established MONDOR Hosiery company in Iberville in 1955. The company began its activities by manufacturing nylon stockings.

Understitched panty hose were all the rage! In the 60’s the “Lyse” and “Marjolaine” models that make women happy fly off the shelves.

After having won over the hearts of the style-conscious French-Canadian women with its stockings, the company developed new expertise that would take it a long way: tights!

In the 70’s Mondor scored an immense success with its dance clothes à la Olivia Newton-John in addition to its Monsport Canada line: baseball, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball uniforms, included the short shorts for men that were very much in style at the time.

The 1980s witness the birth of the “aerobic's generation” that would be greatly influenced by the famous film Flashdance. Mondor offered dance and aerobic leotards with “cap” and “epaulette” style sleeves.

Mondor pursued the launch of the aerobic look and brought it up to date with enriched colours and dynamic designs.

Since 2000 Mondor dominates the market in high-performance figure skate and dance apparel. It also introduced Influence, an up-to-date fashion collection which includes stockings and cotton tights with inspiring colours and designs.

The talent of fashion designer Andy Thê Anh, well known by the fashion community for his women's ready-to-wear POW collection, became a design source for Mondor dance apparel.

In 2010 Mondor gave itself a new dynamic image that captured the vibrant energy of the athlete and the active woman. The MondorPerformance business segment now brings to the market specialized products for skating, dance, and gymnastics; in addition to Mondor Style fashion products, and its exciting, original and sexy fashion legwear.

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