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Andrea Teofilatto & Alessandra Piacentini

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Andrea Teofilatto & Alessandra Piacentini


It all begun by chance, as a game.

At the end of the 80’s, two friends, Andrea Teofilatto and Alessandra Piacentini of 27 and 22 years old, were at the beautiful beaches of the Sardinian island.

As bet comes the idea of starting to create costumes. At that time the fashionable costumes weren’t very sexy, they didn’t exalt the feminine beauty, so they thought…let’s create more of a bold collection, made of smaller, colorful and much more interesting costumes! This is where Miss Bikini started from and where a new concept of swimming costumes was invented.

The Look

In the last few years Miss Bikini has followed different inspirations for its collections. Through its particular aesthetic sensibility Miss Bikini has foreseen the fashion tendencies, enforcing the styles and establishing its own personality that distinguishes from the rest of the swimming costumes.
The ethnic trend has been a constant presence in the last collections: the Orient with China Japan and Indonesia (very strong influence in the last collection – 2004) and Africa, with its colors and its particular patterns (with black and white stripes or spotted like a leopard – in the last two collections).
Very popular is the use of prints from the 60’s and the 70’s, in a modern reorganization of the past, back into fashion but adapted for the new needs of the new woman, with her strong personality and leader of her femininity.

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