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Michelle Manguette

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Michelle Manguette


Manguette is a jewellery company founded by Michelle Manguette in the early eighties. In 1997 she moved from her first shop in Kensington Church Street off, around the corner to her current premises at 40 Gordan Place.

Michelle’s search for outstanding designs and designers has taken her all over the world and is reflected by the stable of designers she showcases. Manguette specialises in semi-precious stones, amber and pearls which are beautifully encased in 22kt and 24kt gold by Gurhan, NY, Adelline, Paris and Margaret Ellis, Nashville.

Other designers include Vaubel, NY and Margo Morrison, NY.

The Look

The Manguette Collection takes its inspiration from the unique and stunning gems Michelle Manguette acquires on her travels.

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