founded by

Moustache & Emanuelle

belongs to

Liz Clairborne


Mexx is a clothing chain and design firm that operates stores around the world.

Mexx was the result of the union between the two brands Moustache and Emanuelle. The first specialises in ready-to-wear for men, while the second focuses on feminine ready-to-wear pieces. The name Mexx was chosen in reference to the initials of both marks, M and E. The two X’s are symbols of kisses in many languages, and represent the fusion of men and women.

Mexx is known for the quality of its products, yet its ready-to-wear collections are still sold for very reasonable prices. It is available to men, women and children as well. Over the years, the label has expanded greatly to incorporates accessories, perfume and household linen.

The mark was bought in 2001 by Liz Clairborne for $264 million, who allowed it to be launched internationally. In September 2003, the label opened it own store on New York City’s 5th Avenue. At one time, the company had eleven stores in the U.S. The venture did not prove to be successful, and the company closed seven of the stores in 2006 and the remaining four in 2007.

A mark of success, Mexx now holds retail stores in over 65 countries and has 6,000 employees worldwide.


2000 Mexx Man (M)
2000 Mexx Woman (W)
2001 Perspecitve Man (M)
2001 Perspecitve Woman (W)
2002 Diversity (W)
2002 Diversity (M)
2003 Mexx pure Life (W)
2003 Mexx pure Life (M)
2004 Mexx Waterlove Woman (W)
2004 Mexx Waterlove Man (M)
2005 Mexx Ice Touch (M)
2006 Mexx Ice Touch (W)
2007 Fly High Woman (W)
2007 Fly High Man (M)
2007 Mexx Amsterdam Spring Edition (W)
2007 Mexx Amsterdam Spring Edition (M)
2008 Mexx XX Nice (W)
2008 Mexx XX Wild (W)
2008 Mexx Berlin Summer Edition (W)
2008 Mexx Berlin Summer Edition (M)
2009 Mexx Black (W)
2009 Mexx Black (M)
2009 XX Very Nice (W)
2009 XX Very Wild (W)
2010 Mexx First Sunshine (W)
2010 Mexx First Sunshine (M)
2010 XX by Mexx Lovesome (W)
2010 XX by Mexx Mysterious (W)
2011 Magnetic for Her (W)
2011 Magnetic For Him (M)

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