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Met was created in 1997, after the meeting between Moreno Giuriato, owner of Italservices, specialised in producing and marketing international brands, and Gegè Schiena, that milestone of the 70s Italian jeans panorama and an important name in the casual wear sector, well-known for his product and style skills and as the founder of companies and inventor of internationally successful brands and lines - he was behind the historical brand Americanino and many others like: Avirex, Murphi & Nye, New York, Kingino.

Met’s 10 years so far have been dedicated to research, innovation and change to grow naturally and continually in a market that doesn’t give you even one second to relax but, on the contrary, is more and difficult and demanding. Demanding over product and quality, but also over service, and that is the way the Group went to satisfy both the distribution chain and its customers.

Met is a complete, casual women’s wear clothing line strongly characterised by that crafts and technology mix, but also in its choice of materials and manufacturing process.

The brand’s real strongpoint is its supporting organisation, a resource and competence structure guaranteeing a high customer service level, considerable manufacturing flexibility and enabling its product to follow the continuing market changes.

The Look

The surprisingly simple Met Jeans basic line includes three 100% stretch variations. They are suited for any occasion and don’t have any restrictions or limits, allowing them to satisfy the most demanding requirements by providing wearability and movement.
This line makes way for jersey inspired by Met Jeans’ denim tradition by giving the rigorously slim 5-pocket model more colours and greater comfort. The colour range focuses on bright nuances for those women who love exclusive, fashionable comfort with intense, substantial shades.
This line boasts all fits. Slim, soft, boyfriend and carrot denim created based on a delicate, timeless colour card for items whose linear wearability is made unique by the interesting effect of mini zippers on pockets and the bottom to underline the constant search for that trendy detail.
Experimental research is expressed by the introduction of B stretch shaping fabric. Created based on a super slim fit with a sheath effect, these pieces emphasize a woman’s figure by enhancing it. Yellowed washing is reminiscent of traditional denim. Overalls become chic as they are enriched with fur details for a stylish, everyday appearance.

Who Wears It

Eva Herzigova, Elizabeth Saltzman, Mel Blatt, Beverly Knight, Lisa Butcher, Lorraine Pascale, Naomie Harris, Meredith Ostrom, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, Destinys Child Kelly Rowland, Melissa Satta, Charlize Theron, Elle Mac Pherson, AnnaLynne McCord, Sara Jane Crowford, Susanna Petrone, Aylet Zurer, Belen Rodriguez, Caterina Balivo, Manuela Arcuri,

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